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NERC Alert on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Periodic Review of Generator Winter Weather Guideline

NERC will be issuing a Level II NERC Alert on Tuesday, 3/10 regarding the coronavirus and asking companies to respond to questions on their pandemic response plan. The questions should be straightforward and will probably include ones such as:

-    Do you have a plan

-    Does your plan consider staffing requirements

-    Do you have a process to receive or supply mutual assistance to other entities

The NERC Event Analysis Subcommittee (EAS) will be conducting a periodic review of the Reliability Guideline: Generating Unit Winter Weather Readiness - Current Industry Practices - Version 2. The EAS requested the NAGF review and provide comments to the EAS. The NAGF Cold Weather Preparedness Working Group will support this effort and the development of recommendations for submittal. The version 2 draft document is available per the following link Guideline_Generating_Unit_Winter_Weather_Readiness_v2.pdf



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