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NAGF Policy Input for November 2020 NERC BOT Meeting and Electric-Natural Gas System Interdependency

· NAGF Policy Input on the Framework to Address Known and Emerging Reliability and Security Risks

The NAGF developed and submitted the subject policy input on October 20, 2020 in preparation for the NERC Member Representatives Committee (MRC) and NERC Board of Trustees Teleconferences on November 4-5, 2020. The policy input document and NAGF 2020 Fall Activity Summary are posted on the NAGF Groupsite in the “NERC Board Reports\2020\” folder.

· Electric and Natural Gas System Interdependency

As FERC noted, the system is moving to one of renewables backed up by natural gas. This is driving planning assessments to no longer focus on Resource Adequacy but rather to focus on Energy Adequacy. As winter approaches, the concern is with fuel assurance in the form of natural gas. The RSTC approved the attached revised Reliability Guideline: Gas and Electrical Operational Coordination Considerations to be sent for comment. Please review and comment. The Guideline notes:

- Power sector’s use of natural gas-fired generation has grown exponentially

- With the increased growth in gas usage comes greater reliance and associated risk due to the gas-electric interdependency

- The impact of the interdependency requires gas and electric system operators to actively coordinate planning and operations

- The Guideline provides a set of principles and strategies that may be adopted if your region requires close coordination

- The Guideline focuses on the areas of preparation, coordination, communication and gathering & sharing information



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