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NAGF 1Q0221 Member Webinar and NERC Project 2017-01 Modifications to BAL-003-1.1 White Paper

· NAGF Quarterly Member Webinar – 1Q2021

The NAGF holds quarterly webinars to enhance communication and engage NAGF members regarding recent NAGF activities, upcoming initiatives, and acquire member feedback regarding activities of interest. The first quarter webinar of 2021 was held on March 18th with over 100 participants. The agenda/meeting minutes are available in the NAGF Groupsite file cabinet.

· NERC Project 2017-01 Modifications to BAL-003-1.1 White Paper

An informal comment period for Phase II of Project 2017-01 Modifications to BAL-003 White Paper is open through 8 p.m. Eastern, Tuesday, April 27, 2021. The SDT is soliciting industry feedback to narrow in on industry’s concerns or support of a modification to BAL-003. To facilitate an understanding with industry as to what the SDT has discussed, the White Paper lays out multiple options. These options are all viable for modifying BAL-003; however, there are certain items that are either mutually inclusive or mutually exclusive, so the final set of requirements proposed for BAL-003 will depend on comments received from industry so the SDT can assess next steps for Project 2017-01, Phase II. The white paper is posted on the NERC Project 2017-01 home page:



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