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Generator Resilience Model Development

· Generator Resilience Model Development

The DOE has been driving the effort to enhance Resilience by modeling system Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies – Electric. Natural Gas, Transportation and Communication and the risks to disruption due to Severe Weather, Cyber, EMP, etc. The DOE and NERC seek to engage with industry experts to get a better understanding of issues and practices on a regional basis in order to ensure that threat and consequence models are realistic and representative of actual system responses. The DOE North American Energy Resilience Model report is attached for reference:

The NATF has invited the NAGF to collaborate on the effort to enhance Resilience through the development of Generator and Transmission Resilience Maturity Models. An NAGF team will evaluate generator resilience capabilities and address readiness to manage resilience risks and challenges in areas such as workforce, supply chain, situational awareness, event response and recovery, tools and equipment, etc. Al Schriver and I will be the NAGF leads and will serve as the primary interface to NERC and the NATF. NAGF members interested in participating in this effort can contact me for more information.



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