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ERO Extends Self-Logging Program Expansion and Deferment of On-Site Activities, NAGF SRT Call, More

· ERO Enterprise Further Extends Self-Logging Program Expansion and Deferment of On-Site Activities

In May, the ERO Enterprise released guidance that provided additional regulatory relief related to registered entities’ coronavirus response and temporarily expanded the Self-Logging Program. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the ERO Enterprise is extending this expansion until the end of Q1 2021, to allow all registered entities to self-log instances of potential noncompliance with minimal or moderate risk related to their coronavirus response.

· NAGF Standards Review Team (SRT) Teleconference 11-4-2020

The subject teleconference held with NERC representatives included a preview of the modifications to existing standard EOP-011-1 being considered by the Project 2019-06 Cold Weather Standards Drafting Team. The proposed EOP-011-1 changes can be viewed in the NAGF Groupsite file cabinet: Cold Weather Preparedness files/Project 2019-06 Cold Weather/Reliability Standards Modifications.

· San Fernando Solar PV Reduction Disturbance Report

On July 7, 2020, fault events on the bulk power system occurred in the Southern California area causing approximately 1,000 MW of bulk power system (BPS)-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) to reduce power output and likely some distributed energy resources to also trip off-line. The widespread reduction of power output from solar PV facilities across a relatively large geographic area led NERC and WECC in coordination with the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and other affected entities to perform a detailed analysis of this event that was categorized as a Category 1i event in the NERC Event Analysis Program. The primary reduction of solar PV output was attributed to momentary cessation with relatively long times to recovery power to pre-disturbance levels. Multiple facilities also experienced partial tripping of inverters due to ac overcurrent, dc low voltage, and ac low voltage protection. The disturbance report documents the analysis conducted and provides key findings and recommendations for industry:

· NERC Board of Trustees 4Q Open Meeting 11-5-2020 Presentations

Presentations provided at the subject NERC BOT meeting include Cold Weather Preparedness Update, 2020-2021 Winter Reliability Assessment, and 2020 Long-Term Reliability Assessment:



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