NAGF Working Groups

The NAGF currently has four active Working Groups to address generation concerns

Peer Review

The Peer Review Working Group (PRG) is focused on developing the NAGF Peer Review Program. The PRWG completed its initial review of a NAGF Member Company in 2018 and will be completing additional reviews in 2019. 

Security Practices/CIP

The Security Practices/CIP Working Group is charged with reviewing physical and cyber security issues that impact the generation sector. This Working Group is currently reviewing changes within the CIP Standards. Additionally, this Working Group is has a low-impact BES Cyber System sub-team that is developing standardized procedure templates for members. Focus of the effort has been the upcoming low impact requirements associated with physical security controls, electronic access controls, transient cyber assets & removable media and CIP exceptional circumstances.

Standards Review Team

The Standards Review Team (SRT) works directly with NERC to address Generator Owners and Generator Operators’ concerns regarding enforceable standards and standards under development. The SRT meets on the first Wednesday of every month and is open to all NAGF members.

Variable Resources

The Variable Resources Working Group’s focus is on NERC Reliability Standards implementation and best practice sharing for utility scale Variable Resources (usually for wind & solar) connected at transmission voltages of 100 kV or greater. In early 2019 it was decided that Distributed Energy Resources (DER) would be included in this working group as well. This group is open to all members and meets on the second Wednesday of every month. 

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